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  1. Ruben Miranda says:

    Hi Lukas, can you get someone from sales to call me?
    I called Nutanix Friday morning and told them I had a meeting Monday to discuss solutions and that I wanted to get a ballpark number for a 50 user system with 5 Vms and 4TB usable storage (Xpress?). No one ever called back and when I called them it just rang or went to voicemail. I did speak with Dell about Nutanix but they feel my environment is too small and instead quote me a 225K solution with Compellent SAN. I think Nutanix has something to offer if I could just get someone to speak with me.

    My number is 646-773-5632

    • lukaslundell says:

      Hello Ruben,

      Absolutely. Apologies for the difficulties getting through to sales. Will work to connect you with someone internally who can assist you.


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