Nutanix vs. VSAN Price and Performance — Part 4 (or why Chuck and EMC are deathly afraid of us)


We have recently suffered through several blog posts from Chuck Hollis, EMC’s chief blogger and strategist on loan to VMware.  Chuck released these blog posts to coincide with (and distract from) our first .NEXT user conference in Miami earlier this month.  We declined to respond to them at the time.  Our company was proud to be launching […]

Modifying vApp Properties with PowerShell and PowerCLI


One of my goals for this year has been to automate deployment and configuration of VMware Horizon Workspace. As part of this effort, I found it difficult to understand how to change vApp properties through PowerCLI. Based on my findings, I created the function below to make it a lot easier for other people looking to […]

Introducing the Nutanix NX-1000 Series

Based on our customer’s feedback and requests, we have released two new Nutanix platforms. The first platform is the NX-1000 series, which is ideal for mid-size enterprises and branch/remote office deployments due to its smaller footprint and cost profile. My friend @StevenPoitras at has a terrific video announcement of the new platform here, which […]

Nutanix Mad Men Video

I wanted to test out embedding videos with wordpress… so I added this blast from the past.