Nutanix launches WebScale Wish for Non-profits

This week, Nutanix launched a very cool program designed to give back to the community.  Three non-profits will receive free Nutanix equipment (total retail value approx $500,000) to help them makeover/improve their datacenter. Head here to nominate a non-profit (or join the program if you are a non-profit). Great to see us giving back after […]

Goodbye Dual Controller Arrays. Hyperconvergence meets All Flash.


Say goodbye to your dual controller storage arrays. Flash has made high performing clustered storage systems a reality.  With Nutanix’s NX-9000 series announcement, webscale and hyperconverged architectures now have the capability to handle the most demanding workloads with large working sets. Hyperconvergence.  Webscale.  Meet All Flash. This announcement is a huge step forward for the […]