REVIEW: WebScale Joe to the Rescue!

As an video game-addict and hyperconverged infrastructure afficianado, I can’t help but appreciate the latest release from @langonej ‘s innovational development studio, “WebScale Joe: The Game“.  In this homage to 8-bit classics, WebScale Joe crushes SAN zombies, boot storms, and the notorious single-point of failure (SPOF) PCIe card to bring performance and scalability back to user virtual machines.

The sound track by @Martinrdd adds a distinct flair to the game.  By combining retro-80’s and techno beats, Martin’s first level overture inspires warm memories of composer Takashi Tateishi and Capcom’s MegaMan 2.   Hand-drawn sprites by game artist @z_n_v  invigorate the genre with a modern palette and feel.  I especially liked ZNV’s take on the SPOF PCIe cards which bear a striking resemblance to the Goomba’s of Nintendo’s Mario Bros. series.

There are several skill based jumps and creative power-ups that bring challenge and intrigue to the landscape.  There are also many secrets to discover in Joe’s webscale world,  and I thoroughly enjoyed navigating my way through the pitfalls and vendor-fueled misconceptions which have convoluted virtualization deployments.    This lighthearted take on the confrontations and hurdles we have to face in our industry reminded me first and foremost that all infrastructures are not created equal.

Lukas’ Review Scores:

Graphics: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Music: 11/10

Subliminal Messaging: 10.4/10

Stomping SPOF PCIe Cards: 12/10

Overall 10.314/10

Final Thoughts:

Jason and team provide a compelling homage to retro gaming and a clear path for virtualization administrators considering hyperconvergence.  I can’t wait for additional levels and the WebScale Joe: The Sequel.

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