Nutanix Support for Exchange on NFS

In light of our recent whitepaper on Best Practices for Microsoft Exchange, I wanted to point out our official support statement for Microsoft Exchange on VMware datastores backed by NFS:

Nutanix support for Microsoft Exchange in a VMware virtual environment running on VMDKs backed by an NFS datastore

Versions affected



This statement summarizes the support to Nutanix customers running licensed Microsoft Exchange applications on VMware virtual machines using NFS-based VMDKs and data stores. Widespread production deployment of NFS-based datastore for VMware virtual infrastructure solutions have led to numerous inquiries from customers on how they can access technical support for Microsoft Exchange for this configuration. It is Microsoft policy that Microsoft Exchange is not supported on VMware using NFS-based virtual disks.



Keeping with our company mission to offer our customers best-in-class infrastructure for virtualization, Nutanix will fully support customers running Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013 on VMware virtual machines with NFS-based virtual machine disks (VMDK) on their Virtual Computing Platform.  This is the preferred deployment method of Exchange 2010 and 2013 on a Nutanix system running VMware vSphere.  Our commitment includes helping customers work through any MS Exchange performance issues related to our platforms.  For optimal performance, we recommend our customers to continue using standard Microsoft sizing and best practices for Microsoft Exchange.  Detailed Nutanix best practices for Exchange on VMware are published in our guide.

Nutanix also offers our customers the option of running Microsoft Hyper-V on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform with the SMB 3.0 protocol for customers who would like full support from Microsoft.

If you have any questions on our support of Microsoft Exchange, please feel free to contact Nutanix support by opening a case through the customer support portal or email our Enterprise Solutions Engineering team at


There is little technical difference from the perspective of Windows OS and the Microsoft Exchange application servers between an virtual SCSI disk stored on an iSCSI VMFS datastore, FCP VMFS datastore, and an NFS datastore.  They all support the same virtual SCSI functionality.

If you are interested in deploying a “Microsoft supported” solution, you should use  Nutanix SMB 3.0 on Hyper-V, or iSCSI-based datastores with VMware.   However, we see no technical issues with NFS-based datastores with VMware, so we have agreed to support customers who would prefer this configuration for the benefits it provides.

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