Nutanix Support for Exchange on NFS


In light of our recent whitepaper on Best Practices for Microsoft Exchange, I wanted to point out our official support statement for Microsoft Exchange on VMware datastores backed by NFS: — Nutanix support for Microsoft Exchange in a VMware virtual environment running on VMDKs backed by an NFS datastore Versions affected all Description This statement […]

REVIEW: WebScale Joe to the Rescue!


As an video game-addict and hyperconverged infrastructure afficianado, I can’t help but appreciate the latest release from @langonej ‘s innovational development studio, “WebScale Joe: The Game“.  In this homage to 8-bit classics, WebScale Joe crushes SAN zombies, boot storms, and the notorious single-point of failure (SPOF) PCIe card to bring performance and scalability back to user […]

Competitors that don’t understand Storage Performance or Fair Play


I don’t get much time to blog these days… but I recently came across an article and some tweets touting how much faster a smaller competitors VDI appliance was than Nutanix… and more tweets saying that Nutanix shouldn’t even publish our performance data. This inspired me to write a post. In the article and these tweets, […]