Nutanix presents at Tech Field Day 9

Last week, our team at Nutanix (Steve, Binny, Greg, Rajiv) made an appearance at Tech Field Day 9.  The highlight for me of this TFD was the presentation of our new UI and REST-based API by @StevePoitras (video included). I am hoping someone will write a PowerShell and Python wrapper to the REST-based API that […]

Modifying vApp Properties with PowerShell and PowerCLI


One of my goals for this year has been to automate deployment and configuration of VMware Horizon Workspace. As part of this effort, I found it difficult to understand how to change vApp properties through PowerCLI. Based on my findings, I created the function below to make it a lot easier for other people looking to […]

Introducing the Nutanix NX-6000 Series

Based on our customer’s feedback and requests, we have released two new Nutanix platforms. The second platform is the NX-6000 series, which is ideal for data and capacity intensive workloads. It includes more storage per node than any of the platforms that we have released so far, allowing customer’s with high capacity requirements to scale […]

Introducing the Nutanix NX-1000 Series

Based on our customer’s feedback and requests, we have released two new Nutanix platforms. The first platform is the NX-1000 series, which is ideal for mid-size enterprises and branch/remote office deployments due to its smaller footprint and cost profile. My friend @StevenPoitras at has a terrific video announcement of the new platform here, which […]

Father’s Day Project – Synology DS212j + Pioneer BDR-2208


Father’s day gave me a chance to work on a project I had been thinking about for some time. Unfortunately I can’t yet afford a Nutanix box as a Home NAS solution… and I am not sure my wife would appreciate a “Virtual Computer Platform” taking off in our two bedroom apartment. So I purchased […]

The 10-12 year technology cycle and Accenture Techlab’s version of Google Glass


I tend to think that most technology trends come along with about a 10-12 year cycle. If its cool right now, then something very similar (but much improved) will be cool in about 10-12 years. Wearable technology was a pretty big deal back in the time of the dot-com boom. Tablet computers also became popular […]

Big day at E3

For those who missed it, it was the big reveal day at E3. Microsoft and Sony both made some major announcements about the upcoming consoles. The lineup for Xbox One looks solid (halo, deadrising, cod, battlefield)… but the game I am most excited for now is Dark Souls II. Anyone who hasn’t played Dark Souls […]

Nutanix Mad Men Video

I wanted to test out embedding videos with wordpress… so I added this blast from the past.

And so it begins…


A couple of my co-workers at Nutanix decided to start up a blog. I have been meaning to do this for a long time and decided to pull the trigger.